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Tory Fox-Hill

Posted on May 29 2018

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More often than not, I feel stretched in a million different directions at once and life is just non-stop crazy. Juggling work, family, home and relationship time can feel full on - I am sure all you Mama's out there can relate. There will be times when stuff just doesn’t go to plan - hello potty training! - but it doesn’t need to be this way every day.

I often talk about how I want to be more focused in the office so I thought I’d share my must-haves. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a lot of these already as I'm often chatting sh*t on my Instagram stories whilst doing or using the below!! 

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Here are my office essentials for staying on top of my to-do list. I wonder how many of you are the same?Fox & Moon planner office


What a surprise that we start this list with caffeine!

For all of you who follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you’ll see that I start my day standing by this godly item - the coffee machine. I can’t even think about starting my day without my fix - strong and black please!

I do try and stay on top of my water intake (after coffee) - as we all know how important being hydrated is, but I am not always on it. I find drinking from a water bottle like HydrateM8 really helps, because they’ve got pretty designs and mark the amount of water you’ve drunk down the side for extra motivation. 

Goals written down

Yep, I’m a total list fanatic. Is that any surprise? I write myself lists so I know what I have to get done each week and often split this out into daily hit lists. And then I write list about lists! Haha

Fox & Moon planners began because I found it more effective to write down my goals and plan out my food for the week. I find writing lists to be far more helpful than creating them on my phone. There’s something satisfying about getting it on paper Not to mention how good it is to tick something off the list!

Tory Fox and Moon planners

Great desk space

It’s a constant battle to fight the clutter at home and work, but I do like to keep my desk as tidy as possible. Sometimes I’ll admit it looks like a bomb has gone off under my desk, but generally I find myself being more productive if stuff is kept tidy.

I’m also a big visual person, so I like to add personal touches. After all, some of us are sat at a desk for many hours of our day, so why not make them look as pretty as we can?

Above my desk is a gorgeous wire board where I can clip photos and other bits and pieces. On my desk I love big blooms (sadly not always real ones!) and of course, photos of my babes - Nick & Harper.


As I work mostly by myself I find that music is my company. It would feel too quiet around here if I did not have my tunes blaring. Music helps keep me motivated and fills the background silence that could quite easily see me put my head down on my desk and nap! I play my favourite playlists through a speaker from my phone and you will usually find me listening to the likes of Capital Radio, Drake and anything R&B. I am sure the offices around me love it!! 


Fresh air

Not a typical one for some people, but for me I have to get a bit of fresh air into my day otherwise I feel totally caged in.

This could be as simple as running up the street to the Post Office, which is something I do at least once a day. Recently I’ve joined the gym again and am trying to fit this into my weekly routine.

Making sure I step outside the office walls is a big boost to my energy.


At Fox & Moon we’re all about having fun and trying not to take ourselves and life too seriously. For me, variety helps me to keep on track as I really enjoy working on different things and mixing up my working week. If I had to do the same thing day in and day out, I would struggle!

Life needs to be about finding a balance that makes you happy and I feel like work is definitely an area that we sometimes allow to take over. I’m totally guilty of this! Making sure I have variety in my week is what keeps me feeling inspired.

A few of my favourite products

Here’s a little hit list of some of the things I cannot live without over my working week.

  • Coffee - my little Nespresso machine gets a workout all day, every day
  • Music speaker - my Bluetooth speaker from John Lewis is an absolute must
  • Wire board (above desk) - Sainsbury’s
  • Water bottle - HydrateM8
  • Big framed prints - Desenio
  • Notepad - my weekly planner keeps me super focused
  • Fun stationery - Girl Boss pens!
  • Large floral blooms - Deluxe Blooms.

I often get a lot of questions from my Instagram stories about the the clothes I wear in the office, so I’ll definitely be following this post up with a few of my faves.

For now, I hope you enjoyed my list of office essentials. Please let me know if I have missed anything and if you think there is something I need in my office - like one of these perhaps... 


Share your thoughts with me in the comments!


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