Brilliant female led Instagram accounts to follow

Tory Fox-Hill

Posted on March 08 2019

On March 8th every year we celebrate International Women’s Day, which is a day that focuses on empowering women and pushing for gender balance….  In honour of celebrating women and how brilliant we are (although we never admit to it) I thought I would give a shout out to all those amazing women out there who inspire me for doing what they do and working bloody hard at it.

These accounts are all ones that I follow on Instagram and love. This blog post is not an ad, not sponsored or paid for in any way - this has just come from my heart and it is me cheering on some fantastic women who are all doing their best and I feel deserve some love.

Small Businesses to follow

You’ve all heard me say many times that running a business and being a wife and mum is bloody hard but I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Instagram has become like a second family to me and I love the community feel on there.

Running my own business has made me keener to support other small and independent businesses as I realise how much blood, sweat and tears go into things behind the scenes. I love discovering amazing female led brands and businesses on Insta and below are just a few of the women out there who are doing brilliant things.  


Abbi makes gorgeous wall art made from wire including custom words, botanical themes and nursery decor.


This business is run by Prue who set it up because she couldn’t find a personalised bag that she liked, so she went and created her own! Some definite similarities there with her story and Fox & Moon and I love her collection of personalised tees, bags and homeware.


Katie began selling her hand drawn cards at local craft fair and markets and within a few years has worked on a range in TopShop and stocked in Fortnum and Mason. She also creates refreshingly different Hen Party items for those who don’t want all the pink tat.


This feed is owned by Ainsley who runs events aimed at parents that feature beautiful small brands and services. She also writes a lovely blog where she shares the highs and lows of parenting.


Ok so this account is actually run by a little team of super creative people and a couple are guys, but together they design and create amazing slogan tees, bags, accessories and more! You may have seen me wearing my fav Married AF tee from them before...


These two are an adorable couple who’ve created their own business selling personalised and slogan gifts and products. Think super comfy and snuggly pjs and an amazing Breton stripe… the staples of my wardrobe!

Inspo quotes to follow

Sometimes we just need a sassy quote to get us through the day. These are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts that encourage fierce, fearless females to get out their and create their own destiny.

Running a business (and life too sometimes!)  is hard work and these reminders pop up on the scroll to remind me of my goals, that it’s ok to hit bumps in the road and it’s important to keep putting one foot in front of the other. These accounts are a mixture of work and personal life #goals.

Run by power duo Natalie and Danielle, has grown to an amazing community of 1M followers!


These ladies share loads of empowering mantras to pump you up and get you through the day around time management and focusing on what’s positive and healthy.


This community is all about motivation and education for female entrepreneurs, but even if you’re not, they serve up some epic reminders on how to live life right.


This feed is light and uplifting and is an absolute staple for reminders on how to set boundaries on your time and fill your life with the things that matter.  

Choose wisely

Many of us spend a lot of time on social media for work and for pleasure. I've noticed how being selective about the accounts that I follow has a huge effect on my mood and the way I view things.

  • Life is definitely too short to be following accounts that do not inspire you, educate you, make you feel good or you love for another reason.
  • Unfollow all those people who make you feel bad about yourself or suffer from comparisonitis as there's no place for them in your life. 


Social media is a blessing and a curse - I couldn't have built my business in the same way if it wasn't for Instagram - but it's so easy to fall into the scrolling trap where we mindlessly view other people's lives and feel bad about our own.

This year at Fox & Moon we're all about making healthy, positive choices for our physical and mental wellbeing and cutting out the crap on social media is high up there on the list! 

Over to you

Which female owned accounts do you love on Instagram and why?

I am always on the look out for inspiring business owners, amazing women and snarky quotes to follow (because who doesn't love them!) so let me know your favourites so I can look them up!




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