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Tory Fox-Hill

Posted on December 14 2018

pick and mix planner

I’m obsessed with pick & mix and I’m so happy that I’ve managed to combine some of my favourite things: sweets and planners!

Over on Instagram you may have noticed me talking about this a lot as I’ve just revealed the brand new pick & mix personalised planner items. If you’re wondering what this is all about here is the low down on how you can make yourself a totally bespoke planner.. By picking and mixing the items to create a diary that’s just for YOU.

Treating yourself to Pick & Mix

You can create your own TOTALLY unique planner in 5 easy steps… Let’s run through how to make your own personalised planner and what’s available.

Step One: Pick your planner

By now you’ll hopefully know and love our gorgeous ring binder planners. They come in plain grey and pink or polka dot grey and pink. Each planner closes with a stud press with F&M detail, features silver or gold leaf detailing inside, space for your insert of choice and sleeves and card holders to keep everything organised.

The plain covers can be PERSONALISED by up to 4 letters of your choice with our amazing monogram service - perfect for pressies!

Step Two: Select your cover page

We have 4 cover pages to choose from in different styles and colours. This insert goes at the front of your planner and is a daily motivational reminder to be awesome! 

Look at the cover page selection by clicking here. 

Step Three: Choose your insert

There are 8 designs to choose from and you can pick more than one to build up a diary that suits your needs and goals.

We have the 12 week versions in slimming friendly, diet friendly and weight friendly, plus a three month slimming friendly infill.

For those not only wishing to track their weight and healthy eating goals, we’ve designed inserts with more of a diary feel. These are perfect for keeping track of your food and also planning your life.

  • 2019 Week Over Two Pages Infill - for food and for life planning
  • 2019 Week Per Page Infill - for super simple daily diary
  • 2019 Day Per Page Infill - for food and for life planning
  • Week To View Planner Pages (not for food tracking - but an week overview at a glance!)

Look at all the inserts by clicking here.

Step Four: Add some extras

Next up we have some beautiful to style your planner and make it easy and fun to use.

  • A Pull Out 2019 Calendar - perfect for noting down appointments, birthdays and occasions
  • Monthly Tab Pages - separate your months and organise your diary - so easy!
  • Our gorgeous rulers come in either silver and gold details. It can clip in and out where you need it and sticks out a little way like a bookmark. Never lose your place!

  • The oh-so-amazing ERASABLE pastel highlighters - totally blow my mind each time I use them!!
  • Bits & Bobs pouch - perfect for receipts, business cards and those all important bits of paper. Clips in the back of your planner and has a zip lock close.
  • Sticky notes - these come in pretty shapes, sizes and colours to write down your post it note reminders… I use these all the time!
  • Positive pencils (to add a bit of cheer to your day) and pearl pen (for a bit of glamour) because we all need some gorgeous stationery in our lives!

Take a look at all of the cute add ons by clicking here.

Step Five: Add some stickers!

Everything’s better with stickers… We have 12 styles to choose from that you can mix and match throughout your year depending on what you’re up to. These range from doctors appointments to on and off plan and the all important holiday countdowns!

Take a look at the stickers.

Pick & Mix FAQ

How does it work?

Go to the Pick & Mix page on the website and walk through the 5 steps to build your planner. Kinda like the Build-A-Bear workshop but with planners!

What happens if I don’t want an item?

Don’t worry - just skip to the next step and continue to personalise your planner! You don’t have to choose something from each section.

Can I change my mind before placing my final order?

Yes absolutely! You can review your final planner before going to the checkout and can edit your order.

Will there be more items to choose from? 

Yes! I'm busy designing even more products, so if there is something you'd love to include in your planner, let me know!

Drop me an email or leave a reply in the comments!

Create your own Pick & Mix personalised planner NOW. 


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