About Me

 Welcome to Fox & Moon and thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Tory and I am just a normal girl who cannot stick to her diet because prosecco and chocolate taste too damn good.

You may be wondering how Fox & Moon all started and how I got to where I am today. Well, wind the clock back and I was working in hopsitality. My job was fab and it meant that I could travel all over the place and work in some amazing locations.

A few years ago I met my soon to be husband, Nick, (my very own Chef) and for a while we divided our time between jobs in the UK and France.

A baby and a business is born

After giving birth to Harper-Rose, in August 2015, I found myself on maternity leave and the post baby slim down began.

I don’t know about you, but I am an absolute list fanatic. I adore writing them and can often be found making lists of the things I have done, rather than the things I want to do, just to give me the satisfaction of ticking something off!

As I tried to get back to my pre-baby shape, I searched for a food planner/diary to keep myself on track. I wanted something where I could be super organised with my meal planning - which would help me tackle my total baby brain!

No planners were really catching my eye as they were all a little bit too cheesy in my opinion. I decided to make my own by designing the layout and a super snarky front cover. It was just the motivation I needed and gave me the kick to start planning my weight loss journey.

I shared photos of my original planner on Instagram and it turned out that several other ladies out there shared my sarcastic sense of humour and asked for a copy.

During baby nap times, I began printing made-to-order planners at my kitchen table.

Expanding the business (but not my waistline)

As Harper and the business began to grow, I moved Fox & Moon out of the spare bedroom and into a beautiful new office, nicknamed HQ.

This has been a total game changer. It has allowed me to put more into my business, spend more time designing and sourcing new products and generally being able to separate work and home.

Now you’ll mainly find me drinking a few too many cups of coffee, running after my energetic toddler and trying not to snack on all the doughnuts from my Insta feed!

The Fox & Moon ethos

I know that dieting is not always easy - especially when that glass of wine or piece of cake beckons. This is why I want you to know I am with you every step of the way - even if that’s towards the biscuit barrel…

Here’s what we believe at Fox & Moon:

  • Who said that dieting isn’t fun? Here at Fox & Moon, we love it. Although I am not very good at sticking to the actual diet!
  • We don’t take life or ourselves too seriously.
  • We know that we all have our good days, our bad days and remember that tomorrow is another day.
  • We go with the flow, or roll with the punches if we have to.
  • We serve up our slice with a side of humour. You’re most likely to find us laughing at a funny quote or an epic meme - because everything’s better with a smile, right?


Let the planning commence!

I really do put everything I have into this small business, so I thank you for stopping by and checking it all out.

Each of the planners you see here has been designed by me to help you plan your meals, weekly shopping and generally keep on track.


Several of my planners are created with popular diet programmes in mind.

  • Slimming World planners
  • Weightwatchers planners


You’ll also see planners for other occasions, such as preparing for your wedding – because it feels great to be organised!


With lots of love and pounds lost (hopefully),