8 ways to eat healthy on holiday

Tory Fox-Hill

Posted on June 26 2018

You have spent several months getting yourself ‘bikini ready’ and you are worried that all of your hard work will be undone by a boozy week in the sun.

I know the fear. I’ve been there many times!

Things don’t have to be this way though. I believe you you can still have a wonderful time on holiday without gorging yourself and feeling guilty or stressing out and starving. In fact, you can eat pretty guilt-free all week by just making some sensible choices that mean you’re making the most of the wonderful food on holiday and won’t fear the scales on your return.

Below I’m sharing some of my favourite tips for sticking to your diet whilst on holiday/ Have you tried any of these or have some good ones for me?

Visit the local market for fresh produce

Local markets are a wonderful place to explore and also a goldmine to sample some fresh produce. Pick up some fruit, vegetables, meat and snacks to create meals if you’ve gone self-catered or supplement your diet throughout the week if you’re staying in a hotel.

Take your own snacks on a day out

When you’re out and about during the day your energy levels can quickly flag, especially in the heat. To avoid the inevitable sugary snacks such as ice cream and pastries, bring your own nibbles with you. Popping into a supermarket and stocking up on healthy snacks that will last you the week can save money and your diet at the same time.

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Remember to drink a lot of water

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to feel your best on holiday. Too much sun, sea and snack attacks can leave us feeling drier than the beach we’re lying on. Plus, too many sugary cocktails, juices and fizzy drinks can add empty calories into our diet. Sticking to water during the day will help you feel much fresher and means you can sip your favourite drink later in the evening with less of the guilts.

Say no to the bread basket

One of the most tempting parts of eating out is the free bread comes with the meal. Munching your way through a basket of bread each night is an unnecessary indulgence that can be avoided. After all, although that baguette is delicious, it will simply fill you up and mean you don’t enjoy your main course.

Make full use of the swimming pool and walks

Who doesn’t love jumping into the swimming pool? Even when you’re going on a relaxing holiday, don’t underestimate the exercise you can fit in your day if you take advantage of what’s on offer.

Walking is one of my favourite activities when I’m away because I can explore my new location. How about starting your morning with a run or finishing your day with an after dinner stroll to help digest?

Limit your alcohol to the evening

When it’s hot and sunny during the say I usually stay off the alcohol until the evening. I eat light and fresh during the day and make sure I’m hydrated so my energy doesn’t flag and I don’t get headaches in the heat.

Only drinking in the evening limits the calories from alcohol, the belly bloat and helps you to avoid the hangovers!

Choose specific occasions to allow your splurge

It feels good to be on holiday and the temptation is there to eat like you’re celebrating every day. Of course you’re going to want to splurge on several beautiful meals whilst you’re away - and some of the local food may not be the healthiest. Pick the times when you allow yourself an evening off to order what you want and enjoy every bite, knowing that you can stay on track during the rest of your week.

Everything in moderation

As I mention in the point above, life is all about balance! Just as you’re going to want to treat yourself, you don’t have to gorge just because you’re on holiday!

I think we end up being reckless because we’re in the holiday mentality and tell ourselves ‘it doesn’t count’. Whilst I totally believe that we all deserve some time off to relax and enjoy ourselves without stressing about food, we don’t have to throw all of our hard work away in a two week binge fest.

I know that I may not be in full control of all my food choices whilst I’m away, but I do remind myself that I am still responsible for the food and drink I consume. I can still have a great time even though I’m not stuffing my face with greasy burgers (although I most definitely want to!)

What are your top tips for maintaining your diet when you’re on holiday? Share your holiday healthy eating tips so we can all benefit!


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