5 reasons why journaling could change your life

Tory Fox-Hill

Posted on May 10 2018

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Did you know that on the 17th May each year it is National Notebook Day? When I saw that this day was coming up, I couldn’t help but think about my own relationship with notebooks. As you will probably know by now, I love a good notebook - so much so, that’s what I do here at Fox & Moon!

The more I read about Notebook Day, the more I thought what a lovely idea it was. Am I the only one who thinks that we are all losing the appreciation for the act of writing? Simply holding a pen and putting it to paper? How much do we even do this anymore now we all have a phone in our pocket? So, I thought this was the perfect time to celebrate the power of journaling and the impact it’s had on my life since I created Fox & Moon.

My love of journaling

I’ve always been a huge list fanatic. You are likely to find me with a handbag stuffed with lists and notes on all sorts of scraps of paper, in my diary or on the thousands of notepads I seem to have floating around my house, car and office!!

Although you don’t have to tell me twice about how we’re all glued to our smartphones these days (you all know I love an Insta Story), but I actually love writing things down. There’s something so satisfying about actually writing on a great piece of paper with a really nice pen (you know what I mean, like a brand new exercise book at school!).

I feel a lot more in control of my day once I’ve emptied my head down onto paper, whether I’m organising meals for the family, things I need to buy for the house or simply just a few random thoughts that float across my head.


How a journal changed my life

Just after I had my baby, I turned to my journal to organise my baby brain and keep track of my food plan so I could attempt to shift some of the baby weight. Without that, I knew I was going to be unfocused and end up getting nowhere.

In true Tory style, I added some serious snark to the front cover that I designed myself and after I shared this on Instagram, several people said they wanted one of their own!

After that, I began hand printing to order food planners for other people - and the rest they say is history! What began at my dining table with a baby on my knee soon took over my spare bedroom. When it became too difficult to switch off from work (I mean, a girl needs her Prosecco and sofa time) I realise I needed to move into my own office.  

What are the benefits of journaling?

Would you be surprised to learn that there are actually some health benefits to journaling? I can believe that, because it always makes me feel good. There’s so much buzz around these days about mindfulness and well-being, but at the core of a lot of this is a journal keeping everyone feeling great.

5 top reasons why you should write things down

Let’s take a look at some of the ways journaling is good for you... 

1. Manage stress and negative emotions

    This has to be the number one benefit to journaling. Simply writing down your feelings helps you process them after a hard day. Have you ever heard of emotional intelligence? It’s that kind of concept where you become more intune with your thoughts and feelings when you take the time to think about how you feel.

    2. Be more productive

    Wait, how can writing in your journal make you more productive? Well, if you set a routine to write each day, then this will help you be more organised. If you write down to-do lists or goals in your journal, then that will help you stick to them.

    3. What you write, you achieve

    Manifesting a positive future and setting goals has a powerful impact on whether or not we actually get to where we want to be. If you write something down, it exists. Sometimes that’s all the motivation we need to make these things happen.


    4. Helps you to be more grateful

    Ever caught yourself wondering what on earth was good about that shit show of a day? When you stop and think about it, there will be something in your day that was good. It could be that the traffic was really light on your drive home, so you got home early. Something will have made your day just that little bit better. Writing in your journal makes you stop and think and cherish those details.

    5. Helps you to be more critical

    I sometimes feel like the day I left school my brain stopped working. Now I’m running around after a toddler, I think it’s even worse than that!

    Journaling helps you to notice the little details, ask questions and be more curious. What sparked your interest today? Was it something on the TV, a recipe you saw online, a conversation you had? Jotting down your thoughts about a variety of topics helps fire up those rusty cogs and get the wheels turning again.

    What to write in a journal

    There is no right or wrong to write things down. If you want to start off by recording the details of your day, then go for it. If you want to write down your food intake each day, do that. The beauty of your journal is that it can be exactly what you want it to be, and serve your purpose.

    If you want some inspiration before you get started, try looking these styles up:

    • Gratitude journal
    • Morning pages
    • Goal lists
    • Bullet journal

    Don’t feel pressured to produce something that is similar to what your best friend, neighbour or aunty are doing. Just write for you and no one else, in the style that makes you the happiest.


    How can a journal change your life?

    So, I know the title of this blog post was rather grand, but in a way, journaling has most definitely changed my life. My post-baby food journal has taken me to a place that I never thought possible and I’m loving the new direction my life has taken.

    I ask you this: how can a journal/notebook change your life? Are you trying to reach a goal, plan the next stage of your life, letters to your child, simply capture those details of a beautiful day gone by..?

    Whatever you use your journal for, I say never give up that pen and paper. No matter how much smartphones are taking over the world, the power of the handwritten word is just so magical.

    Let’s all celebrate our love for journaling, diary keeping or list making - whatever makes us happy.

    Do you have the ultimate notebook? Do you need another planner style in your life? Which is your fave Fox & Moon product? Share your thoughts in the comments below or of course drop my a line on Instagram, my online journal!

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