Bloom & Blossom

Dry Body Oil 50ml


So what exactly is dry body oil? Well, it’s the difference between hitting the hay now and waiting precious minutes for your moisturiser to sink in later. Our fast-absorbing body oil quickly and effortlessly sinks into your skin, nourishing it and leaving no residue or sticky feeling.

Our 99% naturally derived formula makes this oil perfect for body massage and as part of your relaxing self-care routine. Whether you take a few moments to apply to your skin after a bath or shower or use it after a workout or yoga class to help relax your mind.

Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to sweet dreams.

✔ 99% naturally derived
✔ Moringa seed oil is rich in Omega fatty acids, oleic acid and antioxidants which soothe, heal and protect the skin
✔ Evening primrose oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties
✔ Jojoba seed oil is crammed with vitamin E to boost skins elasticity and make it smooth to touch

On the nose The delicate scent of frankincense, chamomile, honey myrtle and lavender will help calm and relax an overactive mind and the ritualistic and restorative properties of frankincense will help you drift off to sleep.