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You Got This Mama


Relax, enjoy and breathe in that new baby smell.. and remember, taking care of yourself is the most important part of taking care of your little one!

You got this mama!


  • Calm For New Mums // comfort & reassurance.
  • Rose Wine //  it’s been a hot minute!
  • Wonder Balm // baby bag must-have.
  • Lip Service //  heal, hydrate & soften ready for all those forehead kisses!
  • Eye Mask // brighten & depuff those sleep deprived eyes
  • Om. 3oz Candle // bamboo leaf & neroli scent. This candle lets you create a calming atmosphere after those sleepless nights. Immerse yourself in the bamboo leaf & neroli fragrances to create a meditative scent.

Gift five minutes of peace for a new mama, a beautiful box packed with comfort, reassurance, self care and last but by no means least… WINE!


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