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Mind Over Mother


Make your mind a kinder, calmer, happier place to be, Anna Mathur's book 'Mind over Mother is every mum's guide to worry and anxiety in the first years paired with a few of our other favourite pieces - this one is sure to be a hit with mum's with little ones! 


  • Mind Over Mother //  kind, calm, happy words. 
  • Dark Mint Chocolate // nature's way of making up for tantrums.
  • Bunny Comforter // some bunny loves you! 
  • Pearl Mask // no grit, no pearl.
  • Cica Mask // soothing, hydrating, restoring! 

A perfect treat for mamas and mums to be, a moment to relax, regenerate and research... oh and it looks bloody ACE too don't you think?

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