Pinky Candle


Pinky : Sandalwood & Tonka

These fragrances are designed to evoke states of mind and unspoken sensations that only smell can communicate. Their aesthetic is clear and simple, looks good in any room and lets the smells do the talking. 

Why we love it?
You can upcycle your empty pots after the candle life is over and use for all your pens (the organisation queen in me is still there)

Their hand poured UK made products contain no animal derived materials or parabens. they use recyclable materials wherever possible and virtually no plastics. For a great, clean burning results, they use a 100% plant based wax, which is palm free.

The Important Stuff
- Branded ceramic lid.
- Reusable vessel.
- 240G / 8.5o
- 100% sustainable soy wax
- Made in the UK
- Hand Poured in the UK

Designed and poured in the UK using only 100% sustainable soy wax and British made fragrance. 

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