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The Baby Book Of You - Red


The Baby Book of You: A record of your first year

A baby book for the whole first year, to capture all the wonderful ups and downs of babyhood – a book designed for real life.

There are no assumptions made on family dynamic – it simply asks ‘Who I am to you’ and there are no timelines for milestones.. instead 'firsts this month’ as every baby is unique.

There are plenty of pages for welcome messages, photos and mementos from family and friends, there is somewhere for everyone important to write a message to the baby and for it to be kept safely along with all those other memories from the first year.

A really REALLY well thought out baby book, that looks modern and isn’t gender specific.

Why we love it?

A planner you’ve been asking for FOREVER, well we have found the BEST baby book on the market, so much so, that we couldn’t improve it!

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